Opinion Pieces

► My Top Games of 2013
2013 was a huge gaming year. These are my top 5 games from it.

► Why we need Nintendo
With all their recent troubles, it can be easy to forget why we want this great contributor to the Video Games industry to still be around. Here is why I think that.

► Top 10 Games of my Life
A nostalgic look at the games that provided me the most enjoyment in my life so far!

► Used Games
My thoughts on the practice of selling used games and the impact that it has.

► My Top Games of 2012
A look at what I felt were the top games I enjoyed playing, released in 2012

► Accepted Reality
I feel there is a general 'accepted reality' when it comes to video games. A look at how this happens and what it means.

Some issues that affect the PC gaming side of things specifically. In this piece, a look at piracy and hardware versatility.

My top 5 games released in 2011 that I enjoyed playing.

My view on Valve's Steam client; the first successfully large-scale Digital Distribution platform for PC games.

My thoughts on how to make a game that I would find enjoyable. With a look at Graphics/Artstyle and the story.